Friday, November 11, 2011

Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition

  • Includes original game, all expansions, add-on scenarios, and battle add-ons to date
  • Includes the in-game item, Destrier Beret, to help you start out your journey!
  • Expansions Included : Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urghan, Wings of the Goddess
  • Add-on scenarios included: A Crystalline Prophecy, Ode of Life Bestowing, A Moogle Kupo d’Etat, Evil in Small Doses, A Shantotto Ascension, The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born
  • Battle Area Add-ons included: Vision of Abyssea, Scars of Abyssea, Heroes of Abyssea

Product Description
SET FORTH UPON THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE… WITH THE MOST COMPLETE COLLECTION TO DATE Vana’diel — a land of magic, swords and technology — welcomes new adventurers, along with seasoned FINAL FANTASY veterans, with open arms. This land cries out for fearless warriors like you to restore the peace that the citizens dream of. Heed the call and join hundreds of thousands of players from around the world to become the hero that Vana’diel needs.... More >>

Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition

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