Monday, November 21, 2011

Perfect Shot for Wii

  • Pistol-like grip comfortably fits in the hand and provides an ergonomic grip for extended game play sessions
  • Trigger button allows easy access to B-button with less strain, and pinpoint accuracy
  • The accessory pass-through port allows you to use the Perfect Shot and nunchuck or other accessory simultaneously.
  • The white and blue color scheme matches the style and d├ęcor of the Wii and Wii remote perfectly
  • One hand remains free to operate the Nunchuk or other attachments simultaneously
  • Accessory pass-through port for other attachments like the Nunchuk and Classic Controller
  • Aiming sight increases accuracy
  • Tactile trigger activates the ?B? button
  • Traditional one handed pistol-like grip
  • Wii Remote easily slides into grip and locks into place

Product Description
Get into the game like never before with the Perfect Shot for Wii. The Perfect Shot is ideal for shooting games on the Wii and is fully compatible with all software designed for the Wii Zapper. The Perfect Shot is designed for one handed operation, giving a pistol-like grip for all your shooting games. The accessory pass-through port also allows for use of Nunchuks and other accessories while the Wii Remote is docked in the Perfect Shot. The tactile trigger also provides a smooth, natural activation of the B-button for less hand strain.... More >>

Perfect Shot for Wii

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